New release 2019.2

The new version of our Patchwork 3D software is now available, discover all the new features of the 2019.2 release!

This new version focuses on improving the user experience and interfaces to ease their work with our software.

Main novelties on Patchwork 3D 2019.2

Rendering improvement

Thanks to the new flakes generator, you can now easily control the appearance of your model’s textures.

X-Rite’s AxF format is also in this new version, fully supported with the addition of Carpaint material support.

These new features improve the quality of the rendering, and give even more realism and conformity to your materials!

The new release 2019.2 also facilitates post-production work.

Patchwork 3D now supports transparent surfaces for snapshots with alpha.

It is now much easier to showcase your models in the environment of your choice!

Simplification of use

With the new Import/Export feature of camera animations in the editor, avoid repetitive tasks!

Record your camera animations and play them back as many times as you like with a single click!

Discover a new feature that improves your workflow.

Create, import, export, rename, delete your Béziers curves easily thanks to the editor available on our two interfaces Shaper and Matter.

You have now the option to replace your materials in Iray with mdl. materials or other materials from your library.

Select the materials that you want to replace or not, simply, and avoid rendering issues when switching from Open GL to Iray!

Post-production is also improved thanks to the possibility of configuring your post-process according to the relative size of your image.

There are no more problems with appearance changes between the viewport and the final rendering!