Create strategic value in your companies through real-time 3D visualization of your products.



Software integration

We provide services, and adapt our solutions to create apps or features to fulfill customer needs.

The customization of our softwares is built through a real follow-up and support of our customers, to ensure that features created are perfectly adapted to their expectations.

Software edition

We develop a software suite that enables creation of the Digital Aspect Mockup™ which includes all product information to render 3D photorealistic models.
The created DAM™ is a critical source of value for all the departments of the company. Design, Engineering and Marketing can use it to review the project or as a communication content.

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The new 2019 version of our Software Suite is available!

This new 2019 version offers new possibilities, with a user-friendly interface!

Your models are even more realistic with Patchwork 3D new features. Project reviews are easier with Accel Vr (previously VSN). Share ideas and make your projects move forward with Lumis 3D.

Highlights of 2019 Laval Virtual

It was a rich exhibition for Lumiscaphe!

An interview on our VR solutions, the participation to a conference on the AR and VR use cases in the Industry, the welcome of schools and students to explain the Lumi’School program, and many demonstrations of our 2019 Software Suite. All of this, welcoming a lot of visitors.

Flashbacks on the 2019 Car Design Night Shanghai

This year again, we were a partner and we participated in the 2019 Car Design Night Shanghai, a real success! Our User and Reseller events in Shanghai were as well, extremely appreciated.

Thanks again to all the participants of these events!


Optimization of sales tools and web configurators

Lumiscaphe is helping Renault to improve its customers experience
Lumiscaphe is indeed maximizing Renault visual design process to feed its sales tools and web configurators.
From this partnership, a 3D configurator has been launched and it's now used on exhibitions.
It offers an interactive and pleasant experience to users and enables getting the exact same configurations than on the web configurator.


Creation of a virtual experience

Siemens wanted to share its vision of the autonomous vehicle during the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
Lumiscaphe created a virtual reality experience, with a 4 headsets synchronization so the users could enjoy the same autonomous vehicle experience. They could watch a movie, play, or relax from London to Liverpool.
To make sure everything went smoothly for Siemens, Lumiscaphe implemented the experience on the booth and stayed at Siemens side, supporting them during the event.


Enabling unique demonstrations

Faurecia uses Lumiscaphe softwares solutions for its 3D real-time rendering and to enhance the customers products.

Lumiscaphe creates tools allowing unique demonstrations during exhibitions: creation of visual contents, creation of an interactive kiosk presenting a trend configurator and Faurecia catalog, creation of a dedicated iPad app.


They use our solutions

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