Development and Graphics Design Services
Development and 3D Graphics Design
Development and Graphics Design Services

Development and Graphics Design Services

Your needs are unique--and so are the solutions that address them. This is why we offer development and graphics design services that are tailored to your requirements.<\/p>

Specific Development and Integration

Lumiscaphe's philosophy is to address a maximum number of client needs via the standard features of our software, by adjusting standard or advanced settings, by adding high-level programming (scripting, batching), or by adopting new solutions that benefit all of our clients.

Utilizing our expertise in the fields of 3D, software engineering and design, as well  as technologies from our partner companies, Lumiscaphe offers personalized developments that complement our ready-to-use solutions and meet your industry-specific needs.

In order to best adapt to your industry practices, we create specific products via customized applications or high-level scripts that connect the software or data used in your company, whether standard or personalized, to our creation and 3D visualization solutions. These tools facilitate steps such as:

  • specific CAD imports,
  • automation of recurring procedures,
  • connections via plug-ins,
  • export of data that can be used directly in the next steps of your process.

If you are interested in connecting the solutions already in place in your company with our software, Lumiscaphe offers its services in customized develoments based on the same talents that have won the renown of our standard software.

Graphics Design Studio

The graphics designers at Lumiscaphe are more than just experts who guide the development of our tools. They are also specialists in the use of our software. These talents are available to meet your needs for 3D digital imagery.

Our graphics design studio services are available for every stage of the processes of creation and digital aspect mockup treatment. We adapt to your requirements: we provide deliverables that can be immediately used by engineering, design, pre-sales, sales, and public relations departments. Take advantage of our know-how in order to obtain renderings that will impress your clients, entice the general public and reinforce your corporate image.