3D iPad Software: Mobile Gallery 3D iPad Software: Mobile Gallery

Your 3D product configurator on an iPad
in photorealistic quality with Mobile Gallery.

Our 3D iPad Software, Mobile Gallery, and Your Challenges

  • Provide a touch solution based on a 3D iPad software.
  • Find a portable and easy-to-manipulate hardware solution.  
  • Configure products with 3D iPad software.
  • Use photorealistic representation of product variants.

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The 3D iPad Software Solution: Mobile Gallery

Features of the 3D iPad Software: Mobile Gallery

  • Full-screen visualization of 3D models.
  • Intuitive tactile manipulation of 3D models.
  • Rotation and zoom on a product to inspection details.
  • Simple interface for product variant selection and visualization.

Benefits of the 3D iPad Software, Mobile Gallery

  • Easy-to-use 3D iPad software.
  • Intuitive touch gestures for 3D model manipulation in Mobile Gallery.
  • Designed to provide 3D content on iPad, a reliable and accessible device.
  • Standalone solution for use on the go, without connection to the internet or a render unit.

Lumiscaphe and the 3D iPad Software, Mobile Gallery

  • 15 years of client satisfaction thanks to the solutions in our 3D Sensation offer.
  • A strong R&D team of certified and passionate engineers.
  • Maintenance and support plans for your 3D Sensation products including all updates.
  • Offices in Japan, the United States, and France to encourage growth and development of our clients and our market.
  • Account managers whose availablility and responsiveness improve your user experience with our products.
  • A project strategy that guides you not only through the design stages but also through the technical development of your project.