3D Visualization Software: Patchwork Explorer 3D Visualization Software: Patchwork Explorer

Visualize, stage, explore, study: Patchwork Explorer brings to life
the virtual prototypes created with 3D Sensation software.

Patchwork Explorer Meets Your Needs for 3D Visualization Software

  • Explore a digital aspect mockup with 3D visualization software that allows access to all model features.
  • Display and compare several products or product variants at the same time.
  • Create layouts involving multiple products.
  • Review projects based on a product or a product range.
  • Generate images from a viewpoint in immersive 3D visualization software.

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Solutions Provided by the 3D Visualization SOftware: Patchwork Explorer

Features of the 3D Visualization Software: Patchwork Explorer

  • Patchwork Explorer offers tools dedicated to project review, including:
    • Clipping planes with surface selection
    • Full-screen modes
    • Synchronization of viewpoints during interaction
    • Automated zoom levels
  • Patchwork Explorer offers tools designed for layout creation, such as:
    • Measuring tool
    • Copy and paste functions for products already positioned in the scene
    • Automatic position ajustment
    • Product grouping
  • Parameters for addition of a real-time light directly in the 3D visualization software.
  • This 3D visualization software also creates high-resolution renders in image, video, VR cube, or VR object formats.

Benefits of the 3D Visualization Software: Patchwork Explorer

  • Take advantage of Lumiscaphe's photorealistic, real-time 3D rendering in Patchwork Explorer.
  • Create product layouts compatible with the other visualization solutions in the 3D Sensation range.
  • As 3D visualization software, Patchwork Explorer offers a software solution centered on review and visualisation.
  • Interact with and navigate in a Patchwork Explorer scene thanks to modes designed specifically for 3D visualization software. 

Lumiscaphe and 3D Visualization Software: Patchwork Explorer

  • 15 years of client satisfaction thanks to the solutions in our 3D Sensation offer.
  • A strong R&D team of certified and passionate engineers.
  • Maintenance and support plans for your 3D Sensation products including all updates.
  • Offices in Japan, the United States, and France to encourage growth and development of our clients and our market.
  • Account managers whose availablility and responsiveness improve your user experience with our products.
  • A project strategy that guides you not only through the design stages but also through the technical development of your project.