Digital Mockup (DMU)

Enhance your digital mockup by the addition of your product's
final appearance and accelerate product lifecycle.

Your Digital Mockup (DMU) Needs

  • Make use of the digital mockup (DMU).
  • Add a final appearance to a product's model.
  • Obtain a photorealistic representation of the final product.
  • Ensure interoperability with PLM systems.

Our Digital Mockup (DMU) Solutions

  • Patchwork 3D:
    • Import of a digital mockup (DMU) from a wide range of CAD formats.
    • Creation of a product's final appearance in photorealistic quality.
  • Virtual Suite: use of a digital mockup (DMU) by all departments in the company.
  • Collaborative Suite: collaboration, use, and sharing of the digital mockup (DMU) and its appearence variants.

Our Solutions' Features for the Digital Mockup (DMU)

  • Native import of CAD file formats.
  • Optimization of imported data by tessellation, correction of normals, adjustment of surface position, duplication...
  • Creation of photorealistic materials.
  • Creation of a lighting environment.
  • Addition of animation and configuration.
  • A set of tools for staging the final product.

Our Solutions' Benefits for Digital Mockup (DMU) Processing

  • Our solutions are designed for use in an industrial process.
  • With the addition of the final appearance of the product, the digital mockup (DMU) becomes useful to all departments in the company. 
  • A digital mockup (DMU) created with the most widespread CAD software can be used directly in the solutions of our 3D Sensation offer. 
  • The digital mockup (DMU) is manipulated in real time in all our 3D Sensation solutions. 

Lumiscaphe and the Digital Mockup (DMU)

  • 15 years of client satisfaction thanks to the solutions in our 3D Sensation offer.
  • A strong R&D team of certified and passionate engineers.
  • Maintenance and support plans for your 3D Sensation products including all updates.
  • Offices in Japan, the United States, and France to encourage growth and development of our clients and our market.
  • Account managers whose availablility and responsiveness improve your user experience with our products.
  • A project strategy that guides you not only through the design stages but also through the technical development of your project.