Visualize products and interact with scenes
in a 3D experience, with fully adjustable stereoscopy.

Your Stereoscopy Needs

  • Display 3D images through stereoscopy.
  • Maintain a frame rate greater then 120 Hz.
  • Obtain solutions for passive glasses.
  • Employ stereoscopy in immersive systems.

Our Solutions for Stereoscopy

  • 3D Sensation: stereoscopic 3D rendering is a standard feature in most of our solutions.
  • Patchwork 3D: visualization of your products in 3D through stereoscopy.
  • Collaborative Suite and Virtual Suite software: product or scene review in 3D with stereoscopy.
  • Workshop SDK 3D: a toolkit for bringing the 3D Sensation rendering quality and steresoscopy to your custom projects.

Features for Stereoscopy in Our Solutions

  • Several stereoscopy modes available: side by side, top / bottom, frame packing.
  • Adjustable interoccular distance and eye inversion management.
  • Combination of stereoscopy and tracking of observer position for immersive 3D experiences.
  • Support for NVIDIA Quad Buffer.
  • Easy activation and deactivation.

Benefits of our Solutions for Stereoscopy

  • Compatibility with all digital aspect mockups produced with 3D Sensation software.
  • Compatibility with any display or visualization environment.
  • Combination of stereoscopy with photorealistic rendering quality for an optimum immersion sensation.
  • Stereoscopic display on zSpace devices.

Lumiscaphe and Stereoscopy

  • 15 years of client satisfaction thanks to the solutions in our 3D Sensation offer.
  • A strong R&D team of certified and passionate engineers.
  • Maintenance and support plans for your 3D Sensation products including all updates.
  • Offices in Japan, the United States, and France to encourage growth and development of our clients and our market.
  • Account managers whose availablility and responsiveness improve your user experience with our products.
  • A project strategy that guides you not only through the design stages but also through the technical development of your project.